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Restore. Renew. Revive. Reinvent.

Welcome to Regener8, an online health care service designed to improve the well being of individuals facing complex health issues. Our mission at Regener8 is to provide you with individually designed treatment plans that will empower you to take control of your health. Kristan’s special interest in the immune system and how it can be influenced by the environment led her to develop a health care practice that provides comprehensive health care solutions for cancer, autoimmune issues, female reproductive disorders and gastrointestinal issues.

Healthy Living Starts With Optimal Nutrition

The foundations of good health lie within the nutrients we provide ourselves. Optimal nutrition has been shown to prevent several chronic disease states. Yet, often, diet and lifestyle factors are overlooked, leading to a lack of connection made between the environment and ones symptoms. Making changes to the way we eat, the foods we nourish ourselves with and increasing physical activity and reducing stress, can make profound differences to our health.

At Regener8, we will help you identify the cause of your health issues and guide you on your journey to optimal health.


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Nutritional Medicine

Nutritional medicine encompasses the use of vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients which have been shown to support and even alter biochemical processes in the body when used therapeutically.

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Diet Therapy

Many of us are unsure what dietary choices are best for treating or recovering from illness. This can often lead to restrictive diets, which are difficult to sustain long-term. Understanding which foods are beneficial and can positively impact your health is a big part of what we offer at Regener8.

Functional medical testing where a doctor is colour matching an alkaline test

Functional Medicine

Functional medical testing adopts a more holistic approach to determining what’s happening in your body and may provide insight into areas often overlooked.

“The only impossible journey is the one you never begin.”

(Anthony Robbins)

Kristan Gilbert, founder of Regener8, is a distinguished clinical expert, with over 25 years of experience. Kristan specialises in utilising diet, nutritional therapeutics, and lifestyle strategies to address chronic disease. Kristan began her journey in the field of reproductive immunology, working closely with those experiencing infertility and repeated pregnancy loss and has since expanded her practice to include oncology and gastroenterology, driven by an understanding of the relationships linked to optimum gut health and a desire to offer more inclusive support programs for those facing cancer.


Recognising the need for comprehensive and holistic approaches in cancer care, Kristan delves into understanding specific cancer pathways and explores how interventions such as diet and nutrition can positively influence these pathways. Her commitment lies in offering support and hope to those living with cancer, autoimmune diseases, infertility, and gastrointestinal health problems.

Kristan's expertise is widely recognised, and she extends her knowledge beyond clinical practice as a lecturer in nutritional medicine and supervises students in clinic at Torrens University Australia. With a background encompassing studies in integrative oncology, a masters in human nutrition, a bachelors degree in health sciences (Naturopathy) and further studies in applied science, Kristan brings a wealth of knowledge and experience. Kristan provides personalised care, tailored to one's unique needs, supporting individuals to be in the driver's seat of their health. Whether you're seeking support during cancer treatment or exploring preventative measures post-treatment, Kristan can guide you on that journey. Welcome to a place where expertise meets compassion, and where hope is nourished through evidence-based care.

Meet Kristan

A portrait image of Kristan Gilbert, the owner of Regener8

What to Expect from Online Support Services

Initial Consultation 1 hour $220 Your initial consultation with Kristan will involve gathering vital information around your presenting issue as well as family, current and past medical history, current diet, stress levels, sleep, exercise, hydration, and environmental toxin exposure. Kristan will then do a full systems check to note any signs or symptoms. In addition, Kristan will review any recent pathology tests you may have had done and any further functional tests may be ordered. General advice will be provided to get you started on your health journey.

Follow-up Consultation 30 minutes $120 At your return visit, Kristan will check your progress and discuss any changes or modifications to your treatment plan. Findings from any test results ordered will also be examined. She will then develop more specific treatment plans for you. Treatment plans may include: Specific dietary advice and meal suggestions Nutritional supplementation prescription Lifestyle advice Herbal medicine prescription

Personalised Cancer Care Plan $200 A comprehensive cancer care plan will be specifically designed for you based on your cancer type, specific pathology, tumour markers or mutation information. This plan can be referred to and used during or after medical treatment and can be modified according to your progress and stage of disease.

Short Review Consultation $50 Check -in consultation for progress reports, cancer care plan questions etc.

Let me support your health journey through a collaborative care approach to clinical practice

Our Collaboration Partners

Regener8 collaborate strategically with trusted industry brands for products and functional testing.

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