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Diet Therapy

What is Diet Therapy?

At Regener8, we look closely at your diet and examine your food and food practices to determine if they may be contributing to your symptoms. We use clinically researched dietary interventions and foods that positively impact health conditions. Our approach is to work collaboratively, ensuring that the diet designed is not only delicious and therapeutic, but takes into account any barriers or obstacles that you may encounter.

Diet therapy image showing healthy foods all over a wooden table


Providing dietary guidance to ensure adequate nutrient intake and nourishment can be essential when undergoing specific medical treatments. Often navigating dietary choices while undergoing cancer treatment or managing chronic health conditions can be daunting for individuals, as certain foods may exacerbate symptoms or interact with medications.

Our tailored dietary intervention method ensures that nutrient intake is optimised. In doing so, many adverse metabolic processes which play a role in disease development and progression are downregulated.

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Initial Consultation

Start your journey with Kristan today.

1 hour


Follow-up Consultation

Continue on your journey to better health

30 minutes


Cancer Care Plan

This service provides tailored health plans designed to target your type of cancer and/or genetic mutation.


Short Review Consultation

Check -in consultation for progress reports, cancer care plan questions etc.


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