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Functional Medicine

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional testing can be useful when some health issues don't add up. That is, when the cause of the problem is not easily identified through case history taking or standard medical tests. Functional medical testing adopts a more holistic approach to determining what’s happening in your body and can provide insight into areas that may not have been considered with conventional pathology testing.  Functional tests may be ordered to help identify underlying problems.


Common tests ordered include:

  • Complete Digestive Stool Tests

  • Microbiome Mapping

  • Salivary Hormone Tests

  • RGCC Analyses

  • Zonulin – Fecal

  • IgA and IgE allergy panel tests

  • MTHFR methylation profile

A scientist matching a test colour strip


Functional testing offers a holistic approach to assessing the body's functionality beyond traditional diagnostic methods, providing valuable insights into various physiological systems and imbalances. Unlike conventional lab tests that primarily focus on identifying disease pathology, functional testing delves deeper into underlying dysfunctions and imbalances that may contribute to health issues.

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