The Galvanic Spa - The “Secret” Non-Surgical Anti-Ageing Treatment that REALLY WORKS!

The Galvanic Spa - The “Secret” Non-Surgical Anti-Ageing Treatment that REALLY WORKS!

For more than 50 years, spa, salon and cosmetic surgeryprofessionals have used gentle galvanic currents with anti-ageing skincare treatmentsto deeply cleanse, refresh and regenerate their celebrity client’s skin.


Hollywood celebrities have been paying tens of thousands of dollars eachyear to get these treatments in the exclusive offices of Plastic Surgeons andBoutique Day Spas...

With the invention of easy-to-use home use galvanic devices, likethe Regener8 Galvanic Spa, you can experience the same spa facial results in thecomfort of your own home in around 10 minutes per treatment.

What does a Galvanic Device do?

Our skin has built in structures that want to protect itself by keeping our potentially hazardous contaminants.  

Unfortunately, over time, due to factors like UV damage, dehydration and exposure to the environment, these same structures can actually keep in some of these harmful particles.  

These can cause your skin to retain less moisture, activate pigmentation to create age spots and cause your skin to sag and wrinkle.

Galvanic Spa devices use a low micro-current that relaxes the skin's surface structure and allows similarly ionised beneficial ingredients to absorb into the skin to a) remove the damaging contaminants, and b) restore the health and beauty to your skin.

Professional galvanic devices, such as Regener8's Galvanic Spa can be used safely.  Pregnant women and people with existing neurological conditions should check with their attending physician before using any type of galvanic treatment.


Traditional Cleaning Doesn't Remove the Deep Contaminants.

Cleaning the surface of your skin only removes the dirt, bacteria and contaminants from the surface of the skin...

The damage caused by the remaining particles age your skin – creating uneven pigmentation, dehydration and damaging collagen and elastin.

The result is visibly older looking skin...

Galvanic Cleansing removes more impurities.

During the Cleansing cycle (known as desincrustation), the galvanic spa and the Anti-Ageing Cleanser product are charged alike, delivering the ingredients deeper into the skin.

The Cleansing product active botanical ingredients sooth and tone the skin and draw out impurities such as dirt and germs within the skin

Galvanic Treatments repair ageing skin structures.

When the anti-ageing treatment cycle (known as iontophoriesis) starts, the device attracts the remaining impurities – leaving skin cleaner, brighter and more youthful.

During the Treatment cycle the Galvanic Spa device and the Anti-ageing Treatment product are charged alike, helping the beneficial ingredients absorb deeper into the skin

Galvanic Treatments Restore Youthful Facial Tone.

The micro cellular current of the Galvanic spa gently tones the small, but important facial muscles in these key areas, stimulating them lift to their youthful position.

You can achieve the results of a face lift... without surgery.

A similar effect will occur when you treat the area around your mouth and jawline, recreating your naturally youthful contours in these areas.


Wrinkle Removal using the Galvanic Spa

The loss of collagen structure is the main factor leading to the development and deepening of facial wrinkles.

Using naturally occurring botanical amino acid compounds called Peptides, the galvanic anti-ageing wrinkle-removing treatments rebuild the collagen and elastin structures return the youthful tone elasticity to your skin.

The result is that you Look Younger without Surgery, Botox or fillers and your skin will Grow Younger with every anti-ageing treatment!


Are Galvanic Treatments Suitable for Everyone?

The microcurrents generated by a galvanic device may impact on existing medical conditions.  We recommend that you consult with your physician before using the galvanic spa if you have been diagnosed or potentially have a neurological condition, epilepsy or are pregnant.  Safety is always our primary concern.