ILLUMINATE Skin Brightening Treatment 100ml

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Your daily treatment  for the reduction of uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation and UV spots.  

ILLUMINATE Diminishes the appearance of skin discoloration.

Cleanses and brightens skin for a Fresh, Radiant Appearance.

Luxurious treatment leaves your skin silky-soft while improving skin tone and texture.

The Ingredients in ILLUMINATE Skin Brightening Treatment are among the world’s top botanical and healthy whitening actives, safe, clinically proven, and highly effective.

The combination of alpha-Arbutin and Glabridin from Licorice Root Extract work in synergy in this Unique formula that delivers the active ingredients where they are the most effective.



Key Ingredient


Bearberry Extract

Alpha Arbutin from Bearberry Extract inhibits production and activation of enzymes in the skin called tyrosinase - these enzymes cause skin pigmentation cells called Melanocytes to over produce brown pigmentation. By inhibiting tyrosinase, Alpha Arbutin reduces UV spots, melasma, pekas and prevents a reoccurrence of the excess pigmentation.

Licorice Root Extract

Contains an active compound called “glabridin,” which inhibits the tyrosinase that causes skin to darken in response to sun exposure. A natural skin whitening agent, glabridin helps decrease the production of melanin and rebalance skin cells.


Effective at soothing dry and irritated skin, it has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory properties

Kelp Extract

Has cellular circulation properties, that help promote a break down and transport of excess pigmentation

This Skin Care Product is Healthy, Cruelty-Free, Australian Made from Organic Ingredients and suitable if you are Vegetarian.



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