• Flawless Mineral Makeup Primer Airless Pump 50ml

Flawless Mineral Makeup Primer Airless Pump 50ml

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FLAWLESS Primer creates a Smooth Surface that Holds your Makeup in place and makes You look Younger!

The silicon-based anti-ageing makeup primer will mildly tension your skin as it sets, removing fine lines and wrinkles to create a smooth complexion.

The organic aloe vera base will hydrate as it flawlessly holds your makeup in place.

Formulated without harmful nano-particles, this mineral anti-ageing primer is a must-have to create Your Youthful Complexion!

We are currently redesigning our packaging - primer container may be different to that pictured.



Organic Aloe, SIlica


How to Use

Cleanse your face (recommended PURIFY Cleanser & Toner) and rinse.

Pat dry

Decant a small “pea-size” quantity of the FLAWLESS Mineral Primer onto a non-porous surface, such as plastic, metal or glass.

Use a good quality nylon Makeup Primer / Foundation and dab equal quantities of the primer onto staging points (middle of the forehead, each cheek bone, the tip of your nose and the tip of your chin)

Lightly brush the primer from these staging points with the contours of your face, ensuring even coverage.



If you feel your brush dragging or catching on the skin when you are applying, this indicates that the primer has been applied evenly and is starting to set. For the best results, once you feel this, stop brushing in this area. Over-brushing can result in losing the beneficial mild tensioning that you are looking for.

 This Skin Care Product is Healthy, Cruelty-Free, Australian Made from Organic Ingredients and suitable if you are Vegetarian.

*individual packaging may vary

Please Note:

This product contains only organic botanical preservatives.  To ensure longevity of product, please store away from sunlight and high temperatures.

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