What is the philosophy behind Regener8 Healthy Skincare & Makeup?

Regener8 believes that Skin Care and Makeup consumers should have access to products containing the best quality healthy ingredients without potentially harmful ingredients which can limit the full benefits of the product or actually create more damage than they repair.

Regener8 is focused on offering our customers Real, Proven Benefits using the latest Healthy Skin Care and Makeup products, without the high prices charged by some “premium labels”


What is “natural”?

Natural Healthy Skin Care is the care of the skin using naturally derived ingredients combined with naturally occurring carrier agents to maintain the shelf-life of products. Regener8 does not use the term “natural” lightly – not all natural products are beneficial to the health of your skin and not all products that are marketed as “natural” contain ALL beneficial natural ingredients.

We will clearly inform our customers of the ingredients and the extent of their “nature”.


What is “organic”?

For organic skin care only minimal processing is permitted, with a limited number of non-agricultural but natural or traditional ingredients allowed.

Hence, no synthetic chemical, unnatural dyes, colouring, flavourings or other additives are permitted.

Certified organic products have been independently tested by approved Organic authorities who certify that they meet their exacting standards. Many of the Regener8 manufacturers are Certified Organic Labs, who regularly undertake voluntary assessments to ensure their products meet these standards.


How do I care for natural or organic products?

Natural products are more generally sensitive to light and heat, so please ensure that you close the lid tightly after application and store them in a cool dark place.


How long are Regener8 skin care and makeup products shelf life?

Recommended expiry dates can be found on many of our products – these dates will vary due to ingredients and the nature of the individual product.

We manufacture small batches of product on a regular basis to ensure that the product that you receive is always fresh.


Are ‘natural’ products less effective than normal skin care products?

Not at all. All skin care products are formulated to perform a particular function in the skin care process...

Most active ingredients in leading skin care products are from a botanical source - i.e. a plant, and are therefore organic. It then depends on what other ingredients are blended with these ingredients that determines their effectiveness.

All Regener8 products are formulated to be the highest quality, leading products in their class, regardless of whether they are all natural or contain trace amounts of beneficial synthetic ingredients.


How do you know if the ingredients in Natural Skincare are effective?

All products that Regener8 sells undergo extensive laboratory testing, so every claim we make about our products’ effectiveness is backed up by scientific research and supported by real world results.


When referring to ingredients, what does “naturally derived” mean?

Naturally derived ingredients are those that originate from a mineral or plant based source.


Are all skincare products sold by Regener8 organic?

To ensure that our customers have a range of options, most of the products that are sold by Regener8 are organic or organic based.

These products are clearly identified. If the product is not described as wholly organic, this means that there may be some small amounts of synthetic compounds present, or we have been unable to verify the complete organic status of the product with the manufacturer.

Regardless of whether a product is wholly organic or not, Regener8 has ensured that the products have been tested extensively in accordance with our stringent standards of effectiveness.


Are Regener8 products hypoallergenic?

There is currently no agreed methodology to test for allergic reactions in beauty or personal care products, nor does the FDA or TGA regulate use of the term “hypoallergenic.”

Regener8 makes sure that our products are manufactured with the most beneficial ingredients - tested and approved as suitable for sensitive skin.

Some people are allergic or have a low tolerance to even the most benign ingredient (some people are actually allergic to water!).

Consequently, we do not represent our products as hypoallergenic. A list of ingredients for each product is available on individual product.

We suggest that, if you have sensitive skin or allergies, please check the ingredient list before purchasing or using any skin care products.


Do any of the products sold by Regener8 contain artificial colours or fragrances?

Regener8 strives to source the most natural products for our clients. Our products are naturally fragranced from the botanical ingredients.

We do not use synthetic fragrance ingredients - Some trace synthetic ingredients may have a built in fragrance.

For a full ingredient list, please visit the individual product pages.


Are products that Regener8 sells tested on animals?

NO! Regener8 does not test on animals for any of its products or ingredients nor work with any companies who do. We ensure that all of our suppliers and manufacturers supply products and ingredients that are consistent with our Cruelty-free Philosophy.

Products such as makeup brushes that may contain natural animal hair bristles are ethically sourced – using approved animal farms that humanely raise and regularly shear live animals safely and respectfully without harming or causing the animals stress.


What does Regener8 do in terms of sustainability?

At Regener8, our goal is to create a socially responsible enterprise that has policies and practices to support sustainability, social awareness and support of the people we work with and affect.

Our websites are hosted with an Australian-based "green" web host that uses only carbon offset servers.

All of our ingredients are ethically sourced with an emphasis on ingredients that support local ecology, businesses, communities and cultures.

We welcome any advice on how to improve our global footprint.


Do any products in the Regener8 Range contain Palm Oil?

Certain products sold by Regener8 may contain the natural preservative Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, which is derived from Palm Oil.

Regener8 is committed to ensuring that our products are safely preserved without the use of synthetic chemicals or harmful ingredients.

We can confirm on behalf of our manufacturers that the Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride we use is sustainably sourced without any impact on native forests that are being destroyed for their cultivation of palm trees.

Our manufacturers are also committed to the sustainable sourcing of palm oil without destroying native forests and habitats.


Where are Regener8 products made?

Regener8 sources the highest quality products from leading laboratories and manufacturers from around the world, but we prefer to source as many products as possible from local Australian businesses and growers.

Most of our Products are proudly 100% Australian made.


Who develops Regener8 Skin Care and Makeup Products?

Regener8 Professional Skin Care Consultants and Makeup Artists consult with and source from leading skin care and makeup laboratories and manufacturers. Many of these manufacturers actually contract produce products for the majority of "name brand" organic and healthy skin care, makeup and cosmetic companies.

We sight independent laboratory research and studies on all products with supply to ensure they meet the Therapeutic Goods Administration requirements for healthy skin care and makeup products sold in Australia.