CLEAR Acne & Scar Revising Night Treatment 100ml

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CLEAR Acne & Scar Revising Night Treatment Erases the Signs of Acne and Breakouts while you sleep.

Carefully selected botanical ingredients diminish the appearance of remnant acne scars, marks, uneven skin texture and discolouration associated with past breakouts.

Create a Smooth, Clear, Beautiful complexion with active botanicals including salicylic acid to clear pores and create smooth soft skin.


Key Ingredient


Salicylic Acid

From the bark of the White Willow tree, this is a highly effective antibacterial, anti-inflammatory. It also helps clean blocked pores and breaks down scar tissue to product softer, clearer more youthful skin.

Licorice Root

A natural anti-inflammatory - suitable for the treatment of acne and also helping to control excess pigmentation.

Saw Palmetto

An effective ingredient that balances excess oil production in the skin, keeping the skin cleaner and reducing the instance of sebaceous acne.


Effective at soothing dry and irritated skin, it has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory properties

German Chamomile

Renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties, it is an analgesic, antiseptic, antibiotic and anti-infectious, making it very good for repairing infected and inflamed skin.

Burdock Root

Improves blood flow and circulation and is helpful in cellular regeneration – aiding the renewal of healthy skin cells.

Lemon Myrtle

Well known for its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties – aiding in the clearing in acne producing bacteria.

Paw Paw

Has high levels of Vitamins A C & E and has anti-fungal, antibiotic and ant-inflammatory properties.


This Skin Care Product is Healthy Cruelty-Free, Australian Made from Organic Ingredients and suitable if you are Vegetarian.


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Please Note:

This product contains only organic botanical preservatives.  To ensure longevity of product, please store away from sunlight and high temperatures.

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