About Regener8

With the 20 years combined experience of our founding makeup artist and skincare consultant, Regener8 was born in 2012 to offer Australian women, men and families botanical based, natural skincare solutions that heal, hydrate and regenerate healthy skin.

Gentle and effective natural products that combine traditional plant extracts used by cultures around the world with the latest technology to create beautifully healthy skin in a luxurious salon quality range, available to the in-home customer.

Produced with love in Australia from ethically sourced ingredients and suppliers, never tested on animals, our range nourishes, heals and beautifies with plant-derived vitamin and mineral rich blends from Mother Nature.

Our team of skincare experts, headed by our CEO (Chief Enrichment Officer) Ives and CFO (Chief Formulations Officer) Ron, have developed deeply hydrating blends that renew your skin’s delicate balance and allow our organic plant extracts to rebuild your skin’s health.

All of our Regener8 consultants are highly trained by our team of in-house and industry leading skincare and makeup professionals, combining over 40 years of knowledge and wisdom.

Our only priority is to ensure that you are cared for with only the best, industry leading products and shown step by step how to achieve the best results for your and your family’s skin health.

With products to suit all skin types; even the most sensitive or damaged, your whole family will love the refreshing, revitalising range of real solutions from Regener8 Health & Beauty.


Our Philosophy

Australian-made, Cruelty-Free Healthy Skin Care Products that Nourish the Skin with Vitamins and Minerals to Restore Health, Regenerate Skin Youthfulness and Renew Beauty!  

Our High Performance Organic Based Healthy Skin Care products are suitable for ALL skin types - even the most sensitive skin, pregnant women, aging skin and for children!


Our Core Beliefs

  • Healthy Products that restore Skin Health and Create Beauty

  • Education that Empowers and Enlightens

  • Opportunities for People to Help People

  • Sharing Success – Part of our Profits Support Worthy Causes

  • Positive Ethical Business Practices

Our Values & Focus

  • Appreciation – Our Value is in how we Support our Customers and Team

  • Education – Providing Pathways to Knowledge

  • Inspiration – Making a Positive Difference in the Lives of Others

  • Opportunity – Sharing the chance to Create a Brighter Future Together

  • Understanding – Knowledge Opens New Pathways for All of Us

Our Products

  • Highest Organic Content Possible

  • Always Highest Performance Products that Yield Positive Results

  • Formulated by experienced Skincare Consultants and Makeup Artists in consultation with botanical chemists, and organic botanical growers

  • 100% Australian Made Skin Care 

  • Always Cruelty-Free & Ethically and Sustainably Sourced

  • Effective & Easy to Use - Full How To Use Instructions with each product

  • Suitable for all skin types

Interested in Joining Our Team?

Regener8 is looking to expand our range of Healthy Skin Care Products into selected Beauty Salons across Australia.

If you are interested in becoming a Regener8 Salon Partner, please CLICK HERE

For more information about our Healthy Skin Care and Makeup Products, please email us at support@regener8.com.au or call us on 1300 734 245!

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Regener8 Health & Beauty